Savannah Undead

Departed live on
Whispering from hereafter
Welcome believers

Entrance to Colonial Park Cemetery

Entrance to Colonial Park Cemetery

I thought in honor of Halloween I would stray from my usual style, and so I present this holiday haiku.  The inspiration comes from a recent conversation with my husband.  We were discussing a trip we took to Savannah, Georgia four years ago.  If you have not been I would recommend you add it to your future itinerary as it is a charming and unique Southern city.  My favorite stop during our full day self-guided walking tour was a visit to the Colonial Park Cemetery.  Established in 1750, it is considered by believers to be haunted and to have its fair share of ghosts.  My husband, while observing from some good distance, took great delight in telling me that I was most definitely going to be haunted for all of my touching and photographing of the grave markers and crypts. (No haunting has commenced as yet, and if they are coming for me I do wish they would hurry it up a bit.  Although here I sit writing this at 3;30 am, so perhaps they pulled me from sleep on this sacred day.)

I cannot attest to the existence of ghosts.  I can tell you that I felt a definite presence of spirits in this resting place of over nine thousand, an aliveness that I cannot explain.  I wanted to go back after dark to explore and to sit alone with these souls, but my husband was having none of it.  Tempted as I was to scale the fence, discretion won out (with the husband being a police officer it might have looked a tad not good for him having to come bail me out of the Savannah jail, you see).

What do you think, friends?  Do you find cemeteries to be peaceful or creepy? Is it acceptable to explore and touch, or is it an affront to the departed souls?  Do you believe in ghosts?  Do spirits walk among us?  Share your thoughts, and do have a Happy Halloween!


17 thoughts on “Savannah Undead

  1. Oooh Karen, you are brave (or mad)! There is NO way I’d want to be hanging around a cemetery in the dead of night, (I’m with your husband on that one)! I have never seen a ghost or anything (Thank God), but I do think there must be some sort of thereafter. II know graveyards are supposed to be restful places, but there is definitely something unsettling and disturbing about them (but then I am a big Wimp)!! Happy Halloween to you and yours 🙂

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  2. I don’t know if I believe in ghosts or not but there’s something about graveyards that fascinates me. Real ones don’t frighten me at all – it’s the ones in the movies that are scary (but I think that’s the background music they always play for those scenes)!
    There’s a Jewish Cemetery near where I live – apparently people travel from all over the World to come to look at it. Piet thinks I’m mad, but I aim to go and spend some time there one of these days.

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  3. I love cemeteries, I would like to say they are not creepy but it depends when you go, near me there is a one thousand year old church, very old graves there and it is in the countryside. One night many years ago it was very foggy and we were dared to walk around the path of the cemetery, we did it but were scared although being scared was illogical really.

    I don’t generally touch the gravestones, not because of any deep seated fear of me being haunted or anything but I don’t see the need to touch them.

    Not sure if ghosts exist although I have experienced some weird things from time to time, I would like to think that ghosts exist, but nothing has convinced me 100%

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  4. Though I feel sad going through cemeteries, I do like reading old headstones and imagining who those people were and what their lives were like. But, though I don’t believe in ghosts–there’s no way I would every go to cemetery at night. I’m a rank coward. The possibility of blundering into a spider-web in the dark is just too disturbing.

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    • Funny the things that spook us, isn’t it? We went on a nighttime kayaking trip in Puerto Rico a few years back, and I was terrified a snake was going to drop out of the overhead trees and land on my head. Irrational, but no less frightening knowing it! Karen 🙂


  5. Cemeteries creep me out during the day, forget about night time. I feel depressed when I look at the acres of acres of headstones, all people who thought they were indispensable, who got up everyday and brushed their teeth and lived their lives. Maybe these places are more for the living, a place to go visit our departed loves ones. I admire your bravery wanting to scale that fence at night. No thank you.

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    • I can see where you are coming from. I think you are right, and they are for the living mores than for the dead. I do like to guess about the stories of those no longer with us. Thanks for reading! Karen 🙂


  6. Now you’ll think I’m a stalker, Karen! No, there is an older post of yours that I wanted to read, so I was scrolling through your past posts, and I realized that I had never read this one. I’ve never been to Savannah, either, which I hope to remedy some day!

    All that to say, I really liked your haiku at the beginning of the post: it sets up an atmosphere of mystery. I like to wander through old cemeteries in the day time.


    • Haha, too funny! You would appreciate Savannah- such a beautiful and historic little city. We must have walked for 6-7 hours during one of our days there, just exploring the squares and the park. We did a nighttime carriage ride that was just wonderful. I would definitely go back!

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