Episode 30: Halloween Hiccups!

I admit, I’m envious of those who can write humorous posts so easily and so well. Edwinas Episodes has quickly become a favorite of mine. She takes everyday events and mishaps and puts a fun spin on them, with the cast of characters being mainly her own family. With each episode I’m sure to have a laugh, and as she is from “across the pond” I get an extra kick out of her use of terms like “wonky” and “crack on”! Cheers! Karen

Edwina's Episodes

Ahh good old Halloween! How it has changed since I was a little girl. Back then it was a case of us terrifying each other with ghost stories, and a bit of apple bobbing if you were lucky, and if Mum was feeling extra festive, we even got a toffee apple!! No dressing up for us, and we would not have been allowed to go around ‘Trick or Treating’

For my daughter’s generation it is totally different. I have already been stockpiling sweets for the last few days as we have loads of ‘Trick or Treaters’ coming round.  I actually enjoy seeing them all in their costumes; I love the effort that has gone into some of them, and the way that the local kids all participate, as do a lot of their parents.

We live on a large square which then branches off in a big loop. so there…

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