Dear Santa (We Could Use Your Help)

Dear Santa,

We both know that in years past I would not have presumed to write this letter, but I think things are different this year. I think it is safe because I have been good this year, maybe even better than good. I have worked hard to become a better person- a more patient, more tolerant, more respectful person. I have practiced both random and not-so-random acts of kindness. I have been a supporter, a motivator, and an encourager. I have learned to stop and think before speaking. I have walked away from confrontations. I have jumped out of the fray instead of into it. Yes, I know, there is still room for growth and improvement. (I may as well own up to it, seeing as you know when I have been good or bad.) I do believe, though, that I have been good enough to earn a few requests, so here goes…

1. Please heal the angry people. I have come to understand that anger is one big fat cover up for hurt. If you could see your way to directing these people toward a place of healing and forgiveness then I think the anger will subside. Less anger sounds like just the ticket for the world right about now.

2. Please bring comfort to the lonely. I know how lucky I am to have a small but treasured circle of people who surround me with love and remind me of my worth. My wish is that everyone know this security. Can you help to bring them angels willing to open their hearts and give of their time?

3. Please send love to all of the animals. I know you understand this one, having gone through the whole near-fiasco with Rudolph. We need only to look into their eyes to know that animals have the biggest hearts and the deepest souls. If you could help them to find warm, loving homes…well, I promise I would never ask for another thing. Ever.

4. Please fill all of the stockings with humility and kindness. Perhaps you can give us all a reminder to be humble and to be kind, not just during December when the holiday spirit abounds, but in all of our days. I believe that being nice should never go out of style, but I think humanity could use a refresher course.

I realize that I am asking for no small thing here. If you could come through with even a fraction of it that would be a huge feat. I know you will need help, as even with all of the elves it is still a daunting task. I volunteer to be an elf-by-proxy, and I am certain I can recruit a decent group of like-minded individuals to don pointy ears and pointy shoes in a show of solidarity.  Together, we can do this thing! Thanks for reading my letter big guy, and I look forward to seeing your magic at work.

Forever a believer,

To all of my readers, friends, family, and fellow bloggers: I thank you for joining me on my writing journey, and I look forward to sharing an exciting 2015 with you. I wish you a safe, happy, and magical holiday season in whatever manner you celebrate.  My wish for each of you is best summed up by a quote from one of my favorite holiday songs:

“I wish you a hopeful Christmas,
I wish you a brave New Year,
All anguish, pain, and sadness,
Leave your heart and let your road be clear.”
(From I Believe In Father Christmas, written by Greg Lake and Peter Sinfield, performed by Greg Lake-

Cheers and love!


44 thoughts on “Dear Santa (We Could Use Your Help)

  1. Karen, that was a lovely post, Wouldn’t it be lovely to achieve some of those things? I for one would squidge my sausage toes into a pair of pointy shoes and join you are as an Elf-by-proxy!
    I wish you and yours a Happy Christmas, and peace and love for 2015 🙂

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  2. Love this!!! You make a wonderful point about healing the angry. I used to tell my son when he was little and being picked on that the bully didn’t have enough love in his life and he should show him some. And I’d like to say our stockings are always full of kindness, we do need to work on humility but kindness is good! Thank you for posting this today as we gear up for the big holiday…to remember what it really is about. I really enjoy reading your posts! So inspiring! Cheers to one day all of this coming true!

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  3. Let’s continue to spread some goodwill, living our lives to the fullest and doing our best to brighten the days of those we meet and we will soon have a world where happier things find their way onto page one of the newspapers.

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  4. Karen, this was awesome, and I would like to help deliver this directly to the workshop! I ditto your list and thank you for such an inspiring post. I would like to re-blog this with your permission.
    To you and your readers I wish; Love, light, and forever send sunshine in the blizzard of what is, but hope for what can be.

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  5. Reblogged this on Fill Your Own Glass and commented:

    I wrote my “grown-up” letter to Santa last December. I think we could still use some help, so I am sharing it again in hopes that the jolly guy in the red suit sees it. My wish for all of you is the same for 2016 as it was for 2015. Cheers! Karen


  6. Here’s hoping Santa fills all your requests this year and in years to come. It’ll make all our lives much happier and rewarding. Nice post, Karen. I hope you have a great holiday season. Merry Christmas…:)

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  7. This was so sweet to read! Honestly, I’m always praying for these kinds of things too, but this was such a great reminder. I may have to save it for future reference, Thank you for posting!

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