Find Your “Happys”

We all struggle from time to time.  We all suffer from varying degrees of fear, anxiety, pain, hurt, or loneliness.  Some have demons to battle, some face grave illness to self or loved ones, and some are controlled by addictions they wrestle to break free from.  While one may fight for days, another may fight for a lifetime to overcome, or at best manage, the hard times.  Even the strongest among us is not immune to dark days descending on occasion.  It is easy when we are going through a rough patch to become depressed and disillusioned.  The question becomes, then, how do we break free when the low feelings hold us firmly in their grip?

The thing is, the “trick”, I believe, is to always continue to allow yourself to be amazed…and to be amazing.  Look around you, and I mean really look.  Take a walk, and soak in the true blueness of the sky.  See the waterfall cascade, or the ocean waves crash, in turbulent beauty.  Gaze upon the calming serenity of a still lake at dawn as the sun breaks into day.  Marvel over the sheer brilliance of a newly fallen blanket of white snow.  Watch as children tumble and tussle in carefree abandon on a playground.  Savor these images, then be filled with wonder, and be wonderful.  Do not find excuses to sink down into the “blues”, but rather find reasons to emerge into the “happys”.  (Yes, I know there is no plural form of happy, but I like it so I am breaking the rules!) At those times when you feel your worst, when you think you may look your worst- even then, I promise, you are emanating a radiant spark throughout the universe.  You are uniquely, quirkily perfect in your imperfections.  Believe that you are a beautiful soul, and allow your light to warm those around you.  Shine brightly, my friends.  Be alive, and be grateful, always and in all ways.  It is indeed a beautiful life- live it! Cheers! Karen Note: This post is intended to evoke a smile and brighten the day of the reader.  It is not intended to address the serious topic of clinical depression as the writer is not equipped to do tackle said subject.  Its sole purpose is to lift the writer, and hopefully the reader if needed, out of a bout of the winter doldrums.  I wish you all a happy and beautiful week ahead!


22 thoughts on “Find Your “Happys”

  1. Love this post! It took me many years to realize this and live this on a daily basis. We left a city of close to five million people and now live outside a small town of 5500 people in an area abound with nature. I only need look out my back door to the woods that surround my house. Great post and thank you for the smile. 🙂

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    • I love the idea of building one of those tiny houses and setting it down in the mountains near a stream or lake. I find my most blissful moments breathing in crisp, clean mountain air.

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts! Best, Karen 🙂


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