Trouncing Around In The Snow

I asked for a virtual winter wonderland tour, and my awesome friend Carl at The Old Fellow Goes Running came through in stellar fashion! Looking at these photos and reading Carl’s commentary transported me to a place I dearly miss!


I had never really planned on doing a post strictly on photography.  There are so many tremendous photographers that I follow with such AMAZING pictures, that I have always been hesitant to do a “picture post”.  🙂

But when Karen, from Fill Your Own Glass, shared a couple of pictures of a sunset and palm trees from where she lives on the coastal south east United States from her old iPhone 4, I was blown away on how beautiful they were (and a bit envious of those palm trees) and commented that to her.  She replied “that she would love to go trouncing around in the snow”.  So this is for you Karen.  Grab your hiking boots, and let’s go for a leisurely trounce in the snow, just outside the village where I live.  And anyone else who would like to join us, please feel free to come along.   🙂

DSCF6175 Pine re-plantation…

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