Fresh blossoming of Spring in the Carolinas

Fresh blossoming of Spring in the Carolinas

This week’s photo challenge is to share a photo that expresses fresh.  I took this picture at a sculpture garden near our home.  It shows the new growth of flowers as Spring begins in the Carolinas.  I love the pure orange color that only nature can produce!



36 thoughts on “Fresh

    • I have seen some mouthwatering food pictures already! If I didn’t go with the flowers I would have chosen a picture of a bowl of fresh mozzarella from a pizza restaurant we visited in Brooklyn last fall. 🙂


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    • I know my hometown in New Jersey is getting snow today. They have had enough already! The only downside to Spring here is that it means only a few months until our oppressively hot, humid summer days. But I will enjoy it until then… 🙂

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