Filling Your Karmic Piggy Bank


I believe in karma.  I expect that what I do and how I act will have an inevitable and substantial impact on future events in my life (lives).  I know that every action that current me takes will have a direct impact on future me.

Recent years have found me undergoing a karmic rehabilitation.  I have some things to make up for.  Thankfully it is not big stuff, or at least not like deadly sins kind of big stuff.  There were times, however, when I could have been kinder, when I could have spoken from a place of love rather than from a place of anger.  There were occasions when I allowed pettiness to rule my actions and reactions.

We cannot undo our prior bad acts.  The best we can do is to try to make amends for them.  If given the opportunity we can make sincere apologies and prove ourselves through our future actions.  We can request forgiveness.  Foremost, we can be better.  We can implement change, and we can begin to restore our kismet so that it promises a better future.

I have done a significant amount of work on shifting my karma to a place where it is likely to repay me in a fair and kind manner down the road.  There are acts that come naturally, and then there are those that require nudges and reminders.  Over time and with practice these, too, can become second nature.

Here are a few ways to increase your good karma:

Be kind to animals.  I am certain that if you treat animals well you will amass huge quantities of positive karma.  Not everyone is an animal lover, but you can still do no harm.  I have to believe that anyone who intentionally sets out to inflict pain on an animal instantly and irrevocably destroys their karma.  I invest a great deal of my energy into caring for our four-legged friends (perhaps a bit less on our eight-legged and legless slithering friends, but I am working on that), and I must admit to doing so with a purpose.  I am hoping that karma will see fit to bring me back in my next life as a cat in a home like ours, where I will be protected and loved for all of my days.

Be a champion to those who are not yet strong enough to be champions for themselves.  
Speak up for those who have not found their voice.  Find the person in the room who looks out of place and uncomfortable, and engage him in conversation.  Do not allow another to be bullied.  Stand up next to him in a show of friendship and solidarity.  Be bold enough to go against the grain.  Take care with your words, as they can stay with someone for a lifetime.  Leave your impression through words of kindness and encouragement.  Be the person who helps another to find his own inner champion.

Be appreciative of nature.  Treat it with respect.  Leave it as you found it.  Take the time to pick up trash left behind by another.  Remove as much of your trace from it as you can.  Savor its beauty, and be in awe of its power.  Listen to its lessons, and allow it to teach you patience and peace.  Accept the gifts that it offers, but do not take advantage of it.  Caring for our universe allows it to care for us in return.

Be kind to one another.  Yes, this one may well be the most difficult.  How do we act in a loving manner when the world can at times be full of hatred and negativity?  These are the times when we must breathe deep and summon the reserve of goodness that sits in our very core.  Be kind when it is the hardest thing you have to do, when every instinct is pulling you in the other direction.  Do not allow yourself to absorb another’s negative karma.  Respond in a manner that not only keeps your dignity in tact, but that also adds to your positive karma stockpile.  By doing so you teach others to act in a similar manner.  If each of us practices this turning away from spite and animosity then we can create an echo of kindness that will reverberate throughout the world.

Doing good allows us to care for and help others while reaping positive benefits for ourselves.  It enables us to live a healthful and happy present life that will extend to the years still to come.  Whether you believe in it or not, it couldn’t hurt to have a few extra coins in your karmic piggy bank.  Trust me, future you will thank you!

Do you believe in karma?  Do you think that your actions today will influence your tomorrows?  How do you invest in your karma account?  As always I welcome your comments and feedback!  Cheers! Karen

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35 thoughts on “Filling Your Karmic Piggy Bank

  1. That was pretty thought-provoking. I do believe in karma. Well for me it is a case of ‘what goes around ,comes around.’ I am not so sure about returning in future lives (but am open-minded) but I do believe that there is some kind of ‘afterlife’ where we must account for our actions. Even in this life, I think we will somehow get ‘paid back’ for how we have behaved. I am working on improving on my karma that’s for sure!

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  2. Interesting question. I believe that your own life will be significantly better in terms of how you feel about yourself and others if you extend yourself, be kind and compassionate and always try to do the right thing. I don’t know if that gives us anything in the Karma piggy bank, if that’s what you’re suggesting, because too many bad things happen to good people. But making the world a better place by our own actions definitely provides us and those around us with more of a positive nature and attitude and that in turn becomes infectious and extends to others. Not sure if I explained my self properly or if we’re both saying the same thing in different ways.😊

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    • I believe we are on the same page, or at least reading the same book. 😉 I do believe that eventually what we put out to the universe does come back on us. I cannot explain, nor do I understand, why bad things happen to good people. Maybe there is something to be said for the way in which good people respond when bad things do happen? I’ll have to think some more on that one. Thanks for reading and the thoughtful comment! 🙂


  3. I am not 100% certain if it Karma I believe in, but I do believe that how we conduct ourselves has the ability to influence how we move through life. If we are open & kind, most often that kindness is reciprocated. Being aware of how our actions & our words affect others is a learning process, one that often comes with maturity. I love your insight & positive path. Thank you for sharing:).

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    • This has been my experience, on both counts. When I started to put more kindness out there I found that I began receiving more in return. It has most definitely been a growth process. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! Best, Karen


  4. This is great! I can really relate to this as I like to call it a “pay it forward” mentality that I’ve undergone since everything that happened to me last year. Positive karma is something that is earned not just taken for granted and I truly believe this!

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    • I can’t recall a time that I set out with malicious intent to hurt anyone, but there was definitely a time when I was not actively aware of how my words or actions affected others. I have worked to correct that and to project good outward. Perhaps it does not matter whether it is karma or simple human decency, so long as we practice it… Thanks for reading and leaving your always thoughtful comments.

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  5. That was thought-provoking.
    I have realized that my thoughts coupled with emotion and focus have a tremendous effect on the events in my life. That is, I live with a sort of ‘instant karma’. I must constantly watch what I think because it will come around the corner in no time. And I will be so sorry if I didn’t pay enough attention to my thoughts amd manifest something unpleasant.

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    • I agree. I have come to a point where I can instantly recognize if I am veering toward negative or hurtful thinking, and I correct it before any damage can be done. I wish I could say that I catch myself every time, but that would be untrue. Thank you for leaving comments that give me reason to continue on with the journey!

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  6. I do believe that we will often reap what we sow, and I especially love your suggestion that we champion those who can’t stand up for themselves. What a better world we would live in if we were kinder and gentler!

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  7. I’ve never been entirely sure that I believe in karma, but I do believe that we should all do the best we can for others and to be as good a person as we can. If everyone followed all the points you made then the world would be a much better place.

    As the lyrics to one of my favourite songs go:
    It’s so easy to laugh
    It’s so easy to hate
    It takes strength to be gentle and kind

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    • Whether you believe in it or not is not as important as what you practice, but it’s safe to say that with that perspective you have a good karma balance. 🙂 It can’t hurt if it does exist, right?

      I love when song lyrics resonate as those do. Sometimes that is the exact thing that can be a catalyst for someone to change.

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  8. I absolutely believe in karma. Positive output from one person begets the same from another, and so on. If the way we experience the world is partly as an extension — or reflection — of ourselves, then of course the world can return what we give it. It’s a cycle to ponder, for sure, and a way to live consciously and with greater awareness of those around us.

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  9. I believe in a kind of cosmic Karma, but not linked to the religious use of the word. Very simply, your intentions reflect or even determine your eventual outcome, so if you act in a cruel way (while appearing to “those that matter” to be loving), then cruelty is what you’re going to get.

    The tough bit is acting in a loving way always, not just at the times it suits us because our boss/ boyfriend/ mum is watching.


  10. Yes, that is the hard part. Even when I am at home alone I try to be aware of any negativity I may be generating. What you do, say, and think when no one is watching/ listening is perhaps the truest measure of self.


  11. Love this post! I absolutely believe in Karma. It’s really nice when you get to see it in action. Hindsight is so good for this. A decision made that can have ripple effects into where you are now, in a good place in life, can be seen. Choosing to do the right thing everyday with every action definitely increases karma points. Now my thoughts on the other hand, those can deplete my Karma points but I try to make up for them with better actions 🙂
    Oh and yes, I would love to come back as a cat in a house like mine one day! They have it so good!

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  12. Some great thoughts and great advice! Although I believe that if you perform good deeds to the sake of karma–which I don’t believe in–there is a chance you’ll get discouraged… Because although all good deeds have a decisive positive impact on the world, the impact is not always tangible!

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    • Very true! When I first started changing my ways, so to speak, it was with the purpose of correcting my prior karmic missteps. I am sure that today I would continue to do good for the way it makes me feel, even if I did not believe in karma. There are probably literally thousands of times when something we have done or said has had an impact on someone else, yet we may never know it.

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  13. Love this. Being kind to animals and those vulnerable and in need? So vital. If we all treated each other with respect (no matter the differences) we’d have a different world. I admire people like that vet you showed who dedicate their lives to helping these little creatures. What a wonderful calling.


    • I do, too. I’d love to work with animals, but I’m not sure I’m tough enough for it. I think it would be heartbreaking at times. I am so impressed by people who follow a calling, like vets or people who dedicate themselves to working for non-profits.


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