This week’s photo challenge asks us to capture Motion.  I once again find myself looking for inspiration in nature.

Here, in a bird sanctuary where all of the birds were in various states of repose save for one captured in flight:

Here, where shore birds, with the backdrop of the constant motion of the sea, scattered in flight at our approach:

Here, where the endless flow of the water persists throughout the changes of time and season:

To see all of the entries for this week’s challenge click here: Motion


All photos @Karen B. Pearce 2015

21 thoughts on “Motion

  1. These photos capture “Motion” perfectly! I especially like the bird sanctuary one…it’s amazing how the birds are all hanging out together! I’ve never been to one but it looks like an incredible place!
    Happy Sunday!


  2. Poetry 101: The Five Senses: see, hear, touch, taste, and smell + kinesis (motion or non-motion). I loved this part about beginning poetry. Thanks for the motion. “since feeling is first” writes e. e. cummings. “The sea is calm tonight” writes Arnold. Beautiful. Oh, Beginnings 101: What is the difference between “sensuous” and “sensual”? “Ah, those sensuous details in Sappho’s poetry are so sensual.” Thanks for your “amateur” beauteous photography.


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