Impromptu Blog Party- Tropical Storm Style

Hello friends!  Here on the South Carolina coast we are under a Tropical Storm Warning.  Mother Nature, in an effort to remind us mere humans that she does not conform to our timetables, has decided to ignore the edict stating that storm season does not officially kick off until June 1st.  Perhaps she is showing off for the Weekly Photo Challenge, Forces of Nature.  Or maybe she is flaunting her skills in honor of Mother’s Day.

For seasoned coastal inhabitants a tropical storm is mostly an annoyance, an overgrown rainstorm with gusty winds that settles in like bad company that refuses to go home.  We are currently in the calm before the storm with the sun still peeking out and the wind calm.  By this evening and throughout tomorrow we will have periods of heavy rainfall and sustained winds around 25-35 mph with gusts from 40-60 mph.  The storm is expected to make landfall somewhere near the South Carolina and North Carolina borders at about 8:00 am on Sunday.

Hardy coastal Southerners have been know to throw hurricane parties, using an impending storm as a reason to drink too much and run outside at the height of the storm, clinging to lampposts while ducking flying branches and screaming, “Holy crap it’s windy out here!  Woohoo!  Did you see that picnic table fly by?  Woohoo!  You don’t scare me, Mother Nature!  Woo…”  Thunk!   Oops, not quite quick enough dodging that limb, were ya?

Being of slightly more logical mind, I have decided to host a blog party instead.  The next two days will afford me plenty of time to check out new blogs and revisit others (provided the power doesn’t go out).  The husband will be busy chasing would-be swimmers and surfers out of the ocean (Rip currents, people, rip currents!), and my cat will hide under the bed for the duration.  It’s just you and me, friends, so let’s party!

Here’s how it works:  Drop a link to a favorite post you’ve written, or one you are most proud of, in the comments section.  Then grab your raincoat (umbrellas are futile unless you are determined to do a Mary Poppins), make sure there are fresh batteries in the flashlight, invite your friends, and settle in to ride out the storm!  Please include a caveat if your blog happens to be of adult/ mature theme.  If you drop a link I ask that you take the time to visit some of the other blogs, too.  That is the key to a successful blog party!

I’ll get the party started – you can find my favorite post here.

Cheers! Karen

61 thoughts on “Impromptu Blog Party- Tropical Storm Style

  1. Hello there, the post I’m most proud of comes from my old blog and is about how the staff of the Royal Darwin Hospital worked together to save lives after the first Bali bombings in 2002. Like South Carolina, the Top End of Australia has a storm season in the monsoon season when devastation is expected every year. Please not this is my old blog and now I have a new blog if readers would like to follow.

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  2. Sounds like a fun way to spend the storm, stay safe!

    Here is my favourite recent post on my expat blog: Americans always tell me they are descended from Brits so I wrote a tongue in cheek (and I hope funny) guide to how to become a honourary Brit.

    Going to check out some of the other links on here, I love finding new blogs 🙂

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    • My favorite witty Brit-come-to-America! Everyone must check out Tom’s take on life in New England versus Old England…super funny stuff!

      Thanks for stopping by! I think this early tropical storm is payback for us Southerners laughing at the ridiculous amount of snow the North endured this winter. 😉

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  3. Hi,
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    Thank you for this opportunity!

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    • Welcome (and not just because you brought pizza)! I do like mine best cold. 🙂

      Thank you for the follow, and you will hopefully find some great bloggers here. I’ve been over having a visit at your blog- I love how you welcome each of your followers. 🙂


    • Hello, and thank you for finding your way here! I am curious where the waffle name comes from…

      I am loving your Rock Music A-Z posts! I think we grew up listening to lots of the same stuff in the 70s and 80s, although I am admittedly not in the know on much of anything current. 🙂

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      • Hi i started this page just to waffle on about anything and everything. Hence the name this is the second incarnation of my blog and the name was kept similar just for familiarity i was the same up untill about a year ago when a friend introduced me to a couple of more recent bands and once i’d started i just couldnt stop.😊

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    • Bravo! I love this piece, but then I love all of your posts. I come away from reading your words with a new perspective and something to ponder, always.

      Thank you for bringing your wonderful voice to the party! 🙂


  4. Karen, reading about these tropical storms is really fascinating for this Canadian. Thank you so much for the invitation to the party. I am very hesitant to comment, as it is 1:45 am, and am immediately going to bed. What a party pooper I am. But I have so much respect for you and your blog. Like my friend “Fleck” who commented above, I’ll just leave my landing page, but I’ll be sure to join the party tomorrow. 🙂 ~Carl~

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    • 1:45 am? Look who is late to the party, lol! Glad you made it my friend! Like Fleck, your blog is so much more than a “running blog”- loads of inspiration and positive messages we can all learn from! 🙂

      The storm made landfall about 10 miles north of my house a few hours ago. We are getting a good soaking of rain and some gusty winds, but it’s not bad. I’m weighing the merits of heading outside to snap some pictures versus the obvious merits of staying in with my coffee and blog. 🙂

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      • Thank you Karen for your extremely kind words. Wow, lots of people came to the party, but everyone kept safe in your cozy home.
        I see you did get out to snap some pictures. The forces of nature in it’s raw form is incredible.
        Do have a wonderful week! 🙂

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  5. I would love for some of you all to check out my blog: It is mostly memories and past relationship centered, but a few other topics once in awhile. Some PG content. A favorite one of mine is:
    I also want to put this blog out for your consideration: His blog is definitely Adult/mature in theme, but I find it fascinating and am so impressed with his writing skills. One of my favorites of his is:

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  6. Hope you and the family are safe. I was vacationing in North Carolina one year when Ernesto blowed through. Being from the midwest I had never seen anything like a tropical storm. It was cool to say the least.


    • We are all good, thanks! This was kind of a baby in terms of our tropical storms. Now if we are faced with a Cat 4 Hurricane you will hear me singing a different tune… At least we have plenty of warning when they are on the way. I would be terrified of tornadoes.

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  7. Hi there! Thank you for hosting your party. I hope you’re staying safe. My name is Lisa or L. My blog is called Life of an El Paso Woman. I blog about the people, places and things, etc. in El Paso, Texas. We are 45 minutes away from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Las Cruces, New Mexico.


      • Thank you! 🙂 Thank you for also including my blog link, my phone was being weird :/ Yes ma’am it’s been an awesome Mother’s Day here in El Paso. Please continue to stay safe and I’m going to reblog this post. I hope it’s not too late just yet 😉

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    • What a fun ode to the java!! I can drink 6-8 cups some days, and even with the caffeine it doesn’t keep me awake at night. My husband jokes that I have coffee instead of blood running through my veins. I’d probably drop into a coma if I gave it up! 🙂 Thanks for coming to the party!

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      • haha Thanks! 😀 Omggg yes I did that once and I was off the walls. I do get those nights too where it does nothing at 11pm. LOL to the husband. You should show him the picture! 😀 ….Girl you and I both :). Thank you for the party!

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  8. What a great twist on the hurricane party (no pun intended). Hope I’m not too late and the party hasn’t passed through. I’ll be sure to reblog, nothing like a couple of late comers to the party to keep the lights on 😉 Here’s my link:
    This is something new I’m introducing to my blog, author spotlights. Especially those that have upcoming book releases. Above is my first one and I have another scheduled later this month. I’m looking for a few more to add in the coming months, so if you’re interested…

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    • Calling all authors! Very cool new feature! I like how you are evolving your blog and adding new features, and I always enjoy your short fiction excerpts.

      Thank you for the reblog- anything that extends the party is okay with me! I don’t mind being a bit blurry-eyed for work on Monday morning! 😉

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