Flawed and Unfinished


We are not broken.  Yes, we may have a few dents and cracks on the surface.  We have been jostled and bumped, pushed around, and knocked down.  Yet we rise up, we pick ourselves up off of the ground, we brush the dirt off, and we carry on.  Our scars are our badges of courage, trophies awarded for playing the game of life and surviving to tell the tales.  They are the visual daily reminders of our perseverance and our strength.  No, we are not broken.  We are beautifully bruised, but we are not broken.

We are not satisfied.  We have work to do.  We have goals to reach.  We carry aspirations into each new day.  We have dreams that are yet to be turned into reality.  We have sights that are yet to be seen.  We each feel a yearning, a tug that is mild in some and more fervent in others, pulling us toward a destination we have not reached.  No, we are not satisfied.  We are heading in the right direction, but we are not satisfied.

We are not perfect.  We are flawed.  We make mistakes and missteps.  We engage in bad behavior, and we do things we later regret.  We treat people in a less than gentle manner when we are frustrated, hurt, or impatient.  We try to make amends.  We work to be better, to ourselves and to those we interact with.  We acknowledge our imperfections, and we realize that perfection would be too mundane for us.  We are “flawesome”, and we embrace it.  (No, that is not a real word, but it should be.)  No, we are not perfect.  We are growing and improving, but we are not perfect.

We are not finished.  There are chapters to be added to our stories.  There are lessons to be learned and lessons to be taught.  There is love to be given and love to be taken.  We have hurt and healing to feel, and we have forgiveness to ask for and forgiveness to grant.  We have failures, victories, and adventures still to come.  We prefer to be unfinished because the alternative leaves us with nowhere to go.  It means we are done, and we are not ready for that.  No, we are not finished.  We are more complete than we were yesterday, but we are not finished.


Photo credit:  www.pixabay.com


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