A Letter on Friendship

My dear friend,

I smile as I look at the lovely flowers that you gave me.  Three perfect yellow roses that symbolize friendship and bring the same sunshine to my day that you bring to my life.  It is a small, thoughtful gift that carries a large, meaningful message.

Oh, we have been through some stuff together, haven’t we?  We have been taught some hard, painful lessons along the way.  We have discovered that there are people who are not what they appear to be.  We have found that some people are, unfortunately, exactly what they appear to be.

Together we have reevaluated and adjusted our purposes in life.  We have come to a new understanding of what is important.  We no longer give blindly to those who are willing to take limitlessly.  We know how much we are willing to give, and we have established our walk away points.  We have learned to value our own value.

Through it all there has been you, real and unwavering in who you are.  Through work trials, marriage trials, and life trials…always there has been you.  Through betrayals, health scares, and changes you have been an anchor and a constant.

You, who took the time to look beneath the surface to find the real me hiding under the bravado.  You, who appreciates my inability to sugarcoat things.  You, who believes in the best in me even when I am not sure it is there  You, who never causes me to question where I stand with you.

I thank you, and I am thankful beyond measure for you.  I look forward to our friendship growing old right along with us.  To the time when we will be two senior ladies in floppy hats and dark glasses, sitting on the beach, sipping drinks and laughing like we are little girls.

The message is clear.  You have been there for me for sixteen years.  You are there for me today.  You will be there for me tomorrow.  And I, my friend, will be the same for you, for today and for all of your tomorrows.

With all my love and gratitude,

Note to my readers:   I believe it is important that we express to our loved ones how much they mean to us before we lose the chance to do so.  I have often contemplated writing letters to the people who have a great impact on my life.  This is one of those letters.  It may be the only one that I publish, but I will write and deliver more.  I challenge you to do the same.  Write at least one letter to the person who means the most to you.  Even if you think they already know, I am sure it will touch them immeasurably.  Give love, my friends, always.

34 thoughts on “A Letter on Friendship

  1. Beautiful.
    When I write letters to my Mum I always end telling her how much I love her. When I see her, I tell her how much I love her. If I ring (and it is not often under the present circumstances), I tell her how much I love her. I tell Hubby I love him every day at least twice. I tell my brother in NZ I love him when I email or speak to him on the phone. Life is too short to not say the things that matter or wait for the right time. There is no right time. Make it the right time. Always.


  2. Great thought and advice, Karen. We say it all the time but we take too much for granted, mostly the people we love. We should tell them how we feel more often.


  3. I have begun to write my first letter of gratitude today. Thank you for nudging me into doing something that is so a positive and thoughtful. I believe this post will ripple and bring joy to many people you don’t even know. (poor people -they should be following your blog). Clare

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