My First Guest Blog Post!

Hi friends!  I am honored that Shawn over at Down Home Thoughts asked me to write my first ever guest post!  Here is the link to my post about aspiring to inspire others and the value of a compliment:

Please make sure to take a tour around Shawn’s blog for a good dose of wisdom, common sense, and character!

Let me know if you decide to participate in the “compliment crusade” and the results.  Together we can aspire to inspire!




23 thoughts on “My First Guest Blog Post!

  1. I love this Karen!!! I’m going to definitely aspire to inspire! What a great reminder that we can all use a little lift at times, especially if it comes from a genuine compliment! And you my friend are a rare talent! Love your beautiful, inspiring and thoughtful writing!!


  2. Karen! I truly enjoyed reading your guest post (I left a comment over on the DownHomeThoughts site as well). I’m going to focus on genuine compliments…giving them as well as when I receive one, not shy away from a compliment. It’s weird but sometimes, I don’t like being in the spotlight or want to make others feel lesser so if I’m given a compliment, I sometimes sabotage myself and say something like, “Oh, I’m not that great” or “It was nothing..I didn’t do anything special”. So my quest is not only to give compliments but to learn how to take them graciously and say “Thank you” to the giver!
    Great post as always!

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    • I tend to deflect compliments, too. I much prefer to be the giver rather than the receiver. I’m trying to be more graceful in my acceptance of them now, because I want the person who bestows it to know how much it is appreciated. We will continue on the quest together! Have a beautiful weekend, friend! 🙂

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      • Karen, what a lovely reply! You choose the most eloquent words to express yourself! Indeed, I am trying to accept compliments more and more now…I find that when I don’t, the giver feels/looks a bit deflated or dejected. It could even deter them from doing it again…
        Have an amazing weekend!!!

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  3. Congrats, Karen, on a great post! Isn’t amazing how we, as humans, are so shy about taking compliments, especially women! As I have gotten older and (wiser?) I give compliments as much as possible. They should be spread around like flower seeds, not withheld for fear of jealousy.

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  4. Congrats on your first guest blog post, Karen! I agree whole heartedly that “aspiring to inspire” by passing on genuine, positive comments and compliments can make such a difference. Thank you for this important reminder! Just wonderful! Thank you for spreading good vibes!


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