Reigniting the Flames of Fitness Fire

Working out has been a part of my daily routine for many years. I aim to exercise for forty-five minutes to an hour five to six days per week. It is often the hour that I look forward to the most during the day. It is my go-to stress reliever, and it sets off all of the endorphins that keep me happy and healthy.

I have been a stay-at-home exerciser for at least ten years now. I use a mixture of kickboxing, weight training, and other cardio. I have successfully completed three of the Beachbody programs (P90X, Les Mills Combat, and P90X3) multiple times. Each of these programs generated results, and I would recommend all of them.

Over the past few months I felt myself slipping into a fitness rut and losing my focus. I hit a plateau with my weight loss. I was not bringing the same enthusiasm and energy to my daily workouts. I had to admit that it was time to look in a new direction.

A friend had started working with a personal trainer and attending his boot camp classes two to three times per week. After seven months she has had tremendous results, and she is still motivated and excited about the work she is doing. In early June she convinced me to come to one of the classes with her.

I loved the first class, and I have been attending regularly for over a month now. Terrance, our trainer, is passionate and knowledgeable about his work, and he brings a palpable enthusiasm to every class. He is equal parts drill sergeant and cheering section, and he makes us strive to do better.

A former football player, our trainer incorporates agility, balance, and core work into each session. I have been doing exercises and drills that I never would have guessed I was capable of doing. I am pushing sleds, jumping rope, and doing squats while balancing on a Bosu ball. I am doing walking push-ups the length of the room or, again, on the Bosu ball (or as I like to refer to it, my mortal enemy). We never know what to expect as each class is different.

I am panting and sweating at the end of each hour-long class. I am left feeling a strange mixture of exhaustion and exhilaration. I am tired, but at the same time I am energized for hours afterward. I feel strong, determined, and accomplished. Mostly, I am proud that at forty-four years of age I can do the things that I am doing.

My passion and fitness desire has been reignited. I am looking forward to seeing what changes the next few months bring. I know that in order to achieve optimal results I need to do serious work on my eating habits, too. I am currently locked in a battle with my trainer over my penchant for happy hour versus his insistence that I eat all of the green things. I am pretty sure he is going to win, but that just means I will be victorious in the end.

Now if you will excuse me I must run…I have boot camp in thirty minutes! Cheers! Karen

You can learn more about my trainer, Terrance, and his facility, ESA Fitness here.

As always I welcome your comments and feedback. Do you have a workout routine? What are your favorite ways to stay healthy and fit?

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25 thoughts on “Reigniting the Flames of Fitness Fire

  1. I’m afraid I’ve always hated exercise (blame school) but we walk Maggie at least three times a day and sometimes if I’m on my own, I can get things into perspective and sort my head out. I used to enjoy my aerobics class, but then I hurt my back and could never get back into the routine. We have some nice walks here though, and going out to the Malvern Hills is only a twenty minute drive. There we can puff our way up the hill and Maggie can explore to her heart’s content. I’m certainly fitter now than I was! 🙂


  2. Yay you! I’m planning on doing the Beachbody stuff this winter to change up my program a bit. I’m (slowly) working on the diet thing too… unfortunately, at least for me, when it comes to weight loss diet is what makes the difference… I could run 30km and gain weight LOL. Enjoy bootcamp!!


    • We are in the same boat. If I do not change my eating habits I will not see the results I’m looking for. I am strong and have endurance, but I am still carrying the extra weight I put on when I quit smoking three years ago. I am hoping the new boot camp will motivate me to put all of the pieces in place. I loved each of the Beachbody programs that I did!

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  3. Nice job sticking with it! Our exercise is under the big blue sky (sometimes foggy) and love it! Haven’t ever been a gym person and can’t seem to be motivated to workout at home. The animals always feel the need to join in! =) Love that you have progressed to the next level!! I hear those bootcamp classes are amazing!


  4. Sometimes just a change in your routine is all you need to keep you going. Others, well you might need that external motivation of a coach or boot camp. Keep up the great work!


  5. Good for you. I don’t do boot camps but I walk four miles most mornings and do it at 15-16 minute mile. I feel so good after and since I do it early each morning it gets my day off to a great start. Good luck, Karen.

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    • Thanks, George! I look forward to the fall and winter months here so that I can take it outdoors. Nothing beats a fast-paced walk for clearing the clutter from your mind, too. I usually get my best writing material when I’m out for a good, brisk walk!

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  6. Great post, Karen! Sometimes our fitness routine becomes just that! I recent;y started a cardio, core and more that has a little boot camp dynamics and I sweat like crazy.Congrats on getting to your next level! Great post for #TheLeisureLink!


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