Look for the Love

Look to the expectant mother with her peaceful smile.  See the way her hand rests gently yet protectively on her stomach.  Hear her murmur promises to the heart that beats deep within her.

Look to the patient father as he kneels to a child’s eye level.  See how he holds his son’s shoulders as he calms a pending storm.  Hear him explain that sometimes life seems unfair, but we must accept defeat with grace and honor.

Look to the friends sharing coffee and conversation in a cafe.  See as one reaches to hold the hand of the other as she notices the tears welling up.  Hear her speak soft words of comfort and assurance.

Look to the nurse standing vigil beside a hospital bed.  See her fuss over pillows and blankets as she reads charts and adjusts medications.  Hear her offer encouragement and solace to a stranger as she would to one of her own.

Look to the young man as he volunteers at a homeless shelter.  See him serve meals with gratitude instead of with judgment.  Hear him offer idle chatter to the recipients with a smile, removing the discomfort of shame and embarrassment.

Look to the couple sitting in the waiting room at the veterinarian’s office.  See them unlatch the door to the carrier and stroke the fur of a fading beloved family member.  Hear them whisper good-byes and say thank you for the cherished years together.

Look to the police officer at the scene of a horrific car crash.  See him offer a stuffed animal to the numb child who clutches it to him, watching in blank incomprehension as his parents are wheeled into ambulances.  Hear him soothe and reassure the child, and then hear him as he steps away to call his own family, trying to keep his voice from cracking.

Look to the left and look to the right.  Look in front of you, and look behind.  See the love that surrounds you, and realize that it is everywhere.  Hear it in the voices that speak to you, and in your own voice as you speak to others.

Look for the love.  See the love.  Hear the love.  Live the love.  Be the love.

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Photo credit:  www.pixabay.com


63 thoughts on “Look for the Love

  1. This is beautiful, Karen. So true. There is love everywhere, but sometimes the anger, hate, and contention drown it out. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder that love still abounds. 🙂


  2. What a beautiful post. It has made my day so much better. There is so much love in the world but we sometimes miss it all with living our busy lives. It takes a mindful act of attention to bring all of these joys into focus.


  3. I love this, it’s nice to see some positivity on the internet! Although I am guilty of being a sarcastically pessimistic writer on my blog, I am actually rather optimistic at heart. It’s a lovely thought to think that you can find love if you do just look around. I always liked people watching at airports for that.


    • I spent many years on the pessimistic side until I realized that my inner optimist was trying to claw her way out. I love the airport idea- it reminds me of the brilliant final scene in Love, Actually. Thank you for reading & commenting. I am looking forward to reading more of your work! Best, Karen

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes I love that scene too, it’s such a simple idea but so brilliant. Richard Curtis is one of my favourite script writers. I’ve definitely got the two sides too, but I actually started my blog with the 100 happy days challenge, so that helped me in my optimism. Thank you, you too! It’d be lovely to have you involved in my flash fiction challenge if you’re ever in the need of inspiration. It actually doesn’t have to even be fiction, just a post inspired by the prompt I release every Wednesday. 😀


  4. Like most things in life, you have to look for it.Love most especially. Good things rarely if ever just drop in your lap. You have to look. Great points! Thanks for sharing and reminding us to look!


  5. Karen, this post touched my heart. We are surrounded every single day with love & beauty. Often we fail to see any of it, caught up in the business of


  6. So lovely. Its easy to forget all the love and beauty that’s always so close. I saw it in my Dad’s hospice last week when so many workers (many volunteers) were so caring and kind. I believe its the real world beneath the fake, material world we see on television everyday.


    • Oh, I so want to believe this, too. I do think the good, caring souls far outnumber the others- they just don’t seem to warrant the spotlight for it. Mixed up priorities? I have been thinking of your family & wishing you peace.


  7. Look to the left and look to the right. Look in front of you, and look behind. See the love that surrounds you, and realize that it is everywhere. Hear it in the voices that speak to you, and in your own voice as you speak to others.

    Look for the love. See the love. Hear the love. Live the love. Be the love.



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