Weekly Photo Challenge- From Every Angle

When I read that this week’s photo challenge asks us to photograph our subject “from every angle” I knew without hesitation that I had to use the Freedom Tower (or One World Trade Center) as my centerpiece.  New York is my favorite city, and the Freedom Tower is my all-time favorite building.  It is one of few structures that evokes a physical reaction in me and causes my heart to swell with emotion and pride.   I could sit and stare at it, awestruck, for days.  To me it is the ultimate representation of rebirth, resilience, and of course, freedom.  We were lucky to be in NYC on November 3, 2014, the day the Freedom Tower officially opened and welcomed its first new tenants.  Here are the photographs I took over the course of two days.  (If only I had done a helicopter tour so I could have truly captured its majesty from every angle!)

You can view all of this week’s entries here: From Every Angle

All photographs copyright @ Karen B. Pearce

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge- From Every Angle

  1. It’s funny — every picture I see of the new tower still looks computer-generated to me. I guess I’m so accustomed to the plan, it’s hard to really grasp the final product. I’m heading to NY for business soon, and hope to catch a glimpse of it for myself. Great shots (and great angles!)

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  2. Hooray for NYC and for the amazing Freedom Tower!! Your photos capture its majestic angles and towering height!
    I actually remember that we met in the blogosphere shortly around that time when you were visiting NYC ! Next time you come up, we have to grab a cup of coffee!
    Happy weekend and lovely pics!

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    • Yes, I remember! Also I so enjoyed your Friday Photos showing off the city- I hope you continue those again this fall & winter! That is one coffee date I will look forward to…maybe Spring 2016?! Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!

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      • Hi Karen! Thanks so much:) indeed I’ll get back to photographing the Big Apple soon! And yes, when you return here, we must get together:)))
        Happy start to the new week and almost new month!


  3. I was in second grade when those towers came down and I was senior when the Freedom Tower opened up to everyone. You know the pictures of it are unreal, and the one photo you have that says ‘Not a great capture’ under it is probably the most beautiful one out of them all to me. Even from a far distance you can distinctly see the tower, this is is beautifully seen with the shimmering waters and the rays of sunlight. Wonderful job and magnificent photos.


    • Thanks so much, Wes! That one is my favorite, even if it’s not the clearest, just because of the way the sunlight is hitting the tower. It was a wonderful feeling to be in the city on the day it opened. 🙂


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