A Kind Hearted Woman Lives Here

In honor of my blog’s upcoming one year anniversary later this month I thought that I would share some of my most viewed posts from the past year, along with some of my personal favorites. This post about the history of kind hearted women, and the ones who enrich my life, is my seventh most viewed post. Interestingly, it is the post that has gotten the most hits from search engines, with people searching for “kind”, “kindness”, “kind woman symbols”, and variations thereof. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that people searching for kindness end up at my blog. I hope I am doing my part to spread kindness, and I encourage you to do yours. Thank you all for each and every visit you have made here!

Fill Your Own Glass

The hobo symbol for a kind hearted woman, made cruder by my poor drawing ability The hobo symbol for a kind hearted woman, made cruder by my poor drawing ability

During the Depression Era it was common for hoboes to travel across the country by riding the rails and stowing away on railcars.  They would wander from town to town, careful not to overstay their welcome and attract the unwanted attention of law enforcement types.  When passing through strange towns they would both look for hobo symbols and leave them for other transients to find.  The signs consisted of crude drawings that signified such things as where one could work for a meal, a house where the man had a gun, and whether police in the town were friendly or hostile to hoboes.  They could be found written in chalk or charcoal on the sides of buildings, on utility poles, or on fenceposts.

One of the hobo symbols consisted of a simply drawn smiling cat…

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