The Givers and the Doers

I will be attending a fundraiser this afternoon for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer.  The event is timely as September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Point me in the direction of a legitimate cause concerning kids or animals, and you can count me in!     

I made an initial donation in support of my friend, Lillian, the main event organizer. Many others gave their own donations.  We shared links to the event on various social media outlets and asked others to join in on the giving.  I offered to match donations made by my friends, and I was happily able to do that twice.  People in the community offered up their pledges, and together we watched the fundraising arrow rise toward its goal.  Each and every person who made a donation, no matter the size, changed a life.  These people are the givers.

The fundraising event, organized and coordinated by Lillian and her tireless legion of volunteers, will include face painting for the kids, photo booth fun, raffles, and a silent auction.  The main attraction, though, will be the head-shaving event.  Several participants will be “braving the shave” and shaving their heads to raise money and to show solidarity with children with cancer.  Included in this group of intrepid souls are three women, one a 17-year-old young lady.  Stop and think about that for just a moment.  At an age when they are told tirelessly by the media that appearance is everything a young woman is willing to go bald to raise money to help children.  Every one of these participants is freely stepping up to make a sacrifice in order to raise money for this cause.  These people are the doers.

It takes all of us, the givers and the doers, to make a change.  It takes the doers to challenge people like me to be givers.  And really, aren’t we actually both?  By donating time and/or money the givers are taking action and becoming doers.  The doers are donating their time and energy, making them givers as well as doers.  Put it all together and you create a chain of doers and givers coming together to implement change.  It is an unbeatable, unstoppable combination.

Do something selfless today.  Give what you can when you can.  I promise it will move you.


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14 thoughts on “The Givers and the Doers

  1. Great post Kare, Yes we certainly need the givers and the doers to get things done . I am so impressed that these young women are willing to shave their head to show solidarity to children with cancer. There are some wonderful people in this world 🙂

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  2. My alma mater does an annual St. Baldrick’s event and it is always wonderful how many young men and women (and adults) are willing to shave. Today, I participated in an event to raise funds for the Center for Special Surgery – a local medical practice which specializes in head and neck cancers. Look for a blog post tomorrow! 🙂

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    • Carl, you are so awesome, my friend! Thank you for taking time to check out the event! It was wonderful to be involved, if only in a peripheral way. I don’t know the grand total yet, but I know that they exceeding their $10,000 goal. 🙂 In other news, we were able to spend this morning cheering on our friends’ two sons, ages 10 and 7, in a triathlon. It is just so great to see these young athletes giving it their all and enjoying the sportsmanship. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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      • Wow, thank you for sharing. It would have been so fun to be a part and cheer on your friend’s 2 boys. Combining the swimming, cycling and running is a HUGE accomplishment.

        So awesome the South Shrand shaving event exceeded their $10,000 goal! Wonderful news! :D.


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