Sunday Smiles- The Comforts of Home

Here on the coast of South Carolina we are having a major weather event this weekend with historic rainfall amounts and substantial flooding.  There have been flood warnings in effect since late Friday, and we are looking at several more inches of rain coming today and tomorrow.  We are dealing with closed roads, overflowing  lakes and ponds, sinkholes, and beach erosion.  To the south of us parts of the cities of Georgetown and Charleston are closed down due to flooding.  Many of the roads around us are impassable and dangerous.   

The smartest course of action is to stay off of the roads and out of harm’s way.  (Don’t even let me get started on the people who insist on going out and putting the first responders in jeopardy.)  Which means that we are pretty well homebound for the weekend.

At first I was a bit bummed because there were some fun fall festivals and outdoor events planned in our area for this weekend.  After a long, sticky summer I was looking forward to spending a few days outside in the cooler weather, preferably with a nice craft Octoberfest beer in hand.  I am no match for the mighty Mother Nature, though, and so instead we find ourselves tucked away at home.  As the weekend winds down I am realizing that it has been a nice one after all, one spent enjoying some downtime and the comforts of home.  I find myself feeling grateful as I reflect on these simple comforts:

The deliciously mouthwatering aroma wafting from a crockpot and filling the kitchen yesterday.  If you are a chili lover you need to try this recipe for Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili from Skinnytaste.  I promise it will not disappoint, and it is friendly on the waistline, too.  We enjoyed it for a midday meal yesterday, and my husband is reheating a bowl for lunch as I am writing this.  I’ll be having mine a bit later accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich because nothing sounds better on a damp day.

Turning the TV on to football on Saturday at noon and watching straight through until Sunday night.
 We are football fanatics in this house.  While our Gamecocks are not looking to have a dog in the fight this season we still love a good game, and there were several that did not disappoint yesterday. The end of that Clemson vs Notre Dame game and four of the top ten teams getting knocked off- wow!  Sunday brings a bonus early morning game as the Jets and Dolphins are playing in London.  This afternoon and into tonight we will be glued to the NFC East games because even though our Giants are off to a rocky start as a fan you just gotta believe!

Cat naps throughout the weekend with your favorite plush throw blankets, your favorite person, and, well…your favorite cat, of course!  The hubby isn’t a big napper, but I come from the “no nap is a bad nap” school of thought.  Muggsy, being a cat and all, is already a world class champion of the midday snooze (we’re good with mid-morning and mid-evening naps, too).  In fact, my sweet feline boy is already curled up and waiting for me to wrap this post up and join him.

Could you resist this invitation to nap?

Could you resist this invitation to nap?

Yes, as I look around our humble little home I am happy.  We are safe and warm, we have food on our table, and we have love in our hearts.  We are thankful for all that we have when so many others want for the simplest of comforts.  I hope Mother Nature will lighten up a bit and spare our area from further damage, but I thank her for the reminder that everything I need is right here at home.

What are your favorite comforts of home?  Pull up a chair and share your thoughts- I’ve saved a bowl of chili for you!  Cheers! Karen

You didn't think I wouldn't share, did you?

You didn’t think I wouldn’t share, did you?


42 thoughts on “Sunday Smiles- The Comforts of Home

  1. Not too bad up here in PA. Rain and cold slipping away and the sun, though a little lower in the sky each day, is shining on the wet leaves that are changing colors before adding to the topsoil. It was stuffed pork chops and The Child Bride’s famous mashed potatoes last night. Even better warmed up today.

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  2. Hi, Karen, We’re here in SC vacationing at Hilton Head. It’s been quite wet to say the least. It sounds warm and cozy at your place. Give Mugsy a scratch behind the ears for me. Wondering how my two cats, ZuZu and Roxie, are faring back in RI?

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    • Oh goodness, it’s not the best time to be in SC! I haven’t heard about it getting too bad down in Hilton Head, but Charleston, Myrtle Beach (we are just south), and some inland areas are getting hit hard.

      I always find myself wondering about my baby when I’m on vacation. Don’t you wish we could pack them up and bring them along? 🙂

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      • ZuZu would be just fine, but Roxie would figure out some way to escape and I’d be running around in the marshes outside trying to track her down. I know what you mean, though. I’d rather have them with me and know they’re safe.

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  3. Oh I hope the weather lets up a bit and you all can get a bit of respite. The chilli looks gorgeous, and I am sure tasted as good as it looked. It sees the perfect food for the bad weather. Muggsy looks lovely and comfy, and you have hubby home with you too, so as you say you have everything you need. It serves as a good reminder to us all not to take things for granted.

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  4. Karen, I’m sorry to hear about all the rain and flooding by you! Is it the effects of Hurricane Joaquin? I hope you are all ok and that the weather will get better! But like you wrote, the benefits of staying in are yummy comfort foods (I wish I had a slow cooker!) and naps! I’m all about naps!
    Take care and sending you all my very best!

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    • Naps rule!! I’m not sure how much of it is a result of Joaquin? I read something about a low pressure system and a high pressure system that keep circling and banging into each other causing something called the “rex effect”. It seems like the perfect storm with that, the blood moon, the king tides we had recently, and the hurricane. We are due for another 4-6″ of rain through tomorrow then we should be in the clear! Thank you for the lovely thoughts- have a fantastic week!

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  5. I”m a few hours north of you in eastern NC; we have flooding and washed out roadways and closed schools, so I’m enjoying my comfy chair and warm blanket and a cup of coffee as the cat naps on my lap and I catch up on my WordPress reading.


  6. This chili looks so yummy, may have to whip up a crockpot full for arriving family this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I hope your crazy weather subsides soon. In the meantime, stay safe & enjoy the down time!


  7. As soon as I got my oyster crackers so I could make Farmgirl’s grandmother’s tomato soup, our weather went and heated back up. I’ll hold off, but I can’t tell you how much I love to sit in my sweater and big fuzzy socks, with a bowl of somethin steamy and comforting resting on my afghan!
    Sorry about your sports things. I know nothin.
    Any reason to make chili, including sports I don’t care about WILL DO! 😀

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