Weekly Photo Challenge- Boundaries

Imposed by man and ignored by nature…a golf course pond breaks its boundaries and overflows toward our condo complex during the South Carolina flooding event.

See more entries for this week’s photo challenge here:   Boundaries

Photos copyright@ Karen B. Pearce 2015

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge- Boundaries

  1. Whew. I’m glad it didn’t get in your house and you are safe! Seeing some of the pictures posted by friends in Columbia and Myrtle Beach has been just awful, roads crumbling, water in the homes. We were lucky to only have a few back roads flood in my part of the state.


    • Hi Carl, our poor state has taken a beating over the past few days. I think Joaquin is part of it, along with two fronts that kept banging into each other. My town had nearly 17″ of rain in 3 days. We live in flat area and at sea level so there’s nowhere for it to go. We are drying out a bit now, but the rivers are overflowing so there will be more flooding around the state by the weekend. We are safe where we are, but it’s hard to see the destruction around us.

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