When the World Makes Me Weary

I think it happens to all of us from time to time.  The world comes rushing at us, jabbing us with vicious punches of violence and hatred.  The clamor and outcries climb toward their shattering crescendo.  The feeling of all the feels becomes overwhelming.  The noise goes from grating to unbearable in sixty seconds flat.  Our internal alarms sound, and we know we must seek shelter in our safe places.

This week has been a test for me, and, Im sure, for many of you as well.  The news of the horrid, cowardly attacks in Paris have left us reeling, and they have left us feeling.  The thought of possible pending attacks has left us edgy and guarded.  I have run the spectrum of emotions from sadness, to anger, to hopelessness, and back to hope again.

In addition to the news of the terrorist attacks we have the ongoing onslaught of political debate that will ride our backs until next November.  Social media has become a perilous place laced with opinions and anger.  Oh, how I long for the days when my newsfeed was overrun with pictures of friends’ ridiculously cute little ones doing all manner of ridiculously cute things.

Off internet, I have friends who are struggling through difficult days.  Friends who have lost loved ones or are watching as their loved ones deteriorate.  I want to pull them all into a collective hug so tight it will squeeze the pain away.  If I could chose one superpower it would be to have the ability to heal.

When you are an empath, or even if you have empathetic tendencies, your life is directly and seriously impacted by the feelings of those around you.  You feel others’ emotions as deeply as you feel your own, and your energy is affected by the things that surround you.  You can imagine the sensory overload that can result, and you can see why it leads to a bone-deep fatigue.

It is difficult, at times such as these, to maintain a positive outlook.  It would be far easier to revert back to one’s prior negative tendencies.  Allowing that to happen, though, would be allowing the wrong people and the wrong things to win.  And so we find ways to fight back, to climb out of the darkness, and to continue to look for the good.

When the world makes me weary, I look to each of you.  I pause to think of the amazing traits that you possess that led me to welcome you into my circle.  I recall the pure and kind acts that I have witnessed you perform.  I remember your words – words that changed a day, a week, a life.  I feel the warmth and the safety that radiates from each of you, and I am enveloped by love and compassion.

When the world makes me weary, it is each of you who restores my energy.  It is you who guides me back toward the light and drives me to continue to encourage and motivate those around me.  It is each of you using your collective superpowers to heal a damaged should.  It is you who makes me whole again.

33 thoughts on “When the World Makes Me Weary

  1. It has been such an awful time recently which has had such a profound effect on so many of us. I understand how you are feeling drained emotionally and physically,
    Like you mentioned though, we have a wonderfully inner circle here in this wonderful blogging community, who give us strength and hope to keep going, Sending you a heartfelt hug 🙂

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  2. There are the beams bearing the weight, holding up the roof and walls, keeping the ridgeline straight and true. But we cannot and should not ignore or tolerate the nasties hacking away at the base of those beams with their sharpies. The guardians must respond and stand to, not shrink away and hope or jabber or feed the nasties with their doubt and fear.

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    • Indeed Mike, if I didn’t agree with that I would be hard pressed to send my husband off to do the job he does each day. I simply must step away from the static from time to time in order to regroup. I have no intention of being defeated nor shirking what I feel are my responsibilities. I have strong beliefs about recent events, but I don’t generally share them on social media as it seldom leads anywhere helpful.

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  3. I am with you in the way you’re feeling, especially during the last week!! I’m sending you the hugest hug that could be sent via cyberspace ! Hoping our good energies can keep joy and peace radiating in our world 🙂
    Much love to you!!

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  4. Oh, this post was worth the wait! Beautifully and wisely said. A reminder to me that others have their own pain and when I take on too much of what’s around me, I am of no use to them or me. I will put up the healthy filters, help where I can, stay strong. Thank you for the lovely reminder and am sending you good energy over the oceans.

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  5. “If I could chose one superpower it would be to have the ability to heal.”

    Yes, yes, YES! I agree completely. If I did not have to be on social media as part of my paid employment, I would be off it completely right now. I have tried to limit my involvement with the fear and the hatred. Your post was exactly what I needed today. Thank you!

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    • If it wasn’t about Paris it would be any number of other hot-button issues. I am learning, slowly, to stop reading the comments on social media sites and news sites. I think it will be a 2016 goal to spend more time off of the internet altogether. I’m glad I was able to write something relatable for you today. 🙂

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  6. Sometimes the walls seem to get a little too close around us with everything that’s going on in the world and in our extended lives. So it’s nice to have people you don’t mind sharing that tight space with with those times come around. Glad to have you here, Karen..:)

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  7. I love the idea of a superpower to heal! What an amazing idea and perhaps, Karen, even in some small way, you’ve begun that right here with your blog……I know I find it very soothing and feel hope after reading one of your posts! I’m glad you’re here and super glad to be part of your circle. When the going gets tough, it’s a wonderful thing to look around and see so many strong, like-minded people surrounding us…..it’s the very best medicine for a tired and weary soul!


  8. Right now is a very good time for my children to have a week off school, my husband home from work — for us to sleep longer, for us to do crafty things and listen to music and enjoy our time and holidays at home. Right now is a very good time to reduce social media usage and drink more hot tea. The barrage of bigotry, hatred, fear, violence, grief, and death is far too much to bear, and still, for me, hard to believe.
    I know exactly how you feel.
    The world seldom matches my insides.

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  9. It is refreshing to read this post, Karen, we seem to focus on the events as they happen, instead of the aftermath and unspent emotions that obviously last far longer. I have avoided the news and most SM these weeks, mostly just reading blogs and picking carefully through those. But this was worth reading and by the comments, worth it to quite a few folks. Take care and enjoy your Thanksgiving!


  10. I’m with you, Karen. As a fellow empath, its a tough time. I’d like to say its all going to get better in our lifetime, that there will be no more war and hatred, but I don’t think its possible. I hope I’m wrong. In the meantime, all we can do is be the change we wish to see in the world, to quote Gandhi. I’m not sure what else we can do.

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  11. I was happy to read your sentiments. I am aligned with you completely. I entered last weekend feeling completely overwhelmed with life, community, and family health issues. I burrowed into my bed on Sunday and hunkered down with my cold. I think it was my body’s way of saying, “Nada mas por favor.” I hope you are doing well. ❤


  12. Beautiful words Karen. The news of Paris brought us all our knees, the sadness was felt all over the world. I felt the same on that day, very sad. It’s so important that we all continue to reach out to each other.


  13. And It is to this we look towards when our lives are too hard. This: People saying things are hard for them too, that they are trying and they are tired and I say I am tired and we have an understanding.

    This: The feeling that we are not alone

    Great post


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