Blue Blood, Blue Christmas

I wrote this last year days after NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos were assassinated. I am happy to be able to say this year my husband will be home for the holiday. I re-dedicate this to him, for all the ones we spent apart, and to all those who will be away from their loved ones this year. Know that you are seen and appreciated!

Fill Your Own Glass

I want to ask him to stay home tomorrow. I would like to tell him to call out sick, or to use a vacation day. Haven’t we already spent too many Christmas Eves and Christmas Days apart? Doesn’t he deserve to spend an actual holiday celebrating with his family and friends?

I could point out that people do not care anymore, that they no longer appreciate him. I could show him an internet flooded with vitriolic comments and threats indirectly directed at him. I might remind him that he leaves the house with an invisible yet glaring target on him now, and how there are evil people who wish to do him harm for no reason other than the uniform he wears. I want to scream that the world has changed, and that I am afraid.

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6 thoughts on “Blue Blood, Blue Christmas

  1. I missed staying home for Christmas the first couple of years on the PD. I was “lucky” after that and only worked a couple more before I made detective. Christmas was either a coaster with no calls and lots of food and snacks brought to the station by the officers or dropped off by generous citizens, OR, a crazy storm of complaints from families that suddenly remembered why that one member was sent away in the first place. “Family fight in progress…”

    But it was one night after Christmas that I remember above all others. It was my second year in uniform and a slow December 27th with not much going on. About 2:30 in the morning I met another officer to shoot the breeze in a parking lot downtown. When I drove off I saw a young man on foot crossing the lot about 50 yards away. He was walking toward the car of the other officer so I slowed and turned back toward them. The gunshot was audible as the sound bounced off the buildings and I floored the Chevy marked unit to close the distance. The other officer was out of his car and had the suspect at gunpoint and he went to the ground as ordered. No injuries and we got him handcuffed and his .32 revolver secured.

    He was lonely. Yep, lonely. His family kicked him out at Christmas and he had been wandering the street not knowing what to do. When he saw the police cars he figured he would shoot up into the air to get our attention and go to jail. He didn’t know what else to do. He didn’t seem to realize how close he came to going to the morgue instead.

    Have a safe and Merry Christmas.


    • Oh wow, thank you for sharing this story. I literally just hit the publish button on a post about how not everyone is happy during the holiday season. This certainly is one example, though I would not recommend it as the way to get attention! Thankfully everyone went home safe & sound. Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas!

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