It’s Not All Cookies and Cocoa (Holidays Can Be Hard)

Some things have changed since I wrote this last year, and some have not (a new post will be coming with more details). The theme remains unchanged, though- The holidays are not easy for everyone, and we need to be okay with that…

Please feel free to share with anyone who may take comfort from knowing there are people out there who do understand.

Fill Your Own Glass

It’s Christmas Eve!  We have reached a fever pitch of anticipation!  The trees are trimmed, the cookies are baked, and the gifts are all wrapped.  The turkey is thawed and ready to be stuffed.  The stockings are hung by the chimney (and if you are in the midst of the hot spell and running the air conditioning there is no chance of them being burned by the fire).  The only thing left to do is to await the arrival of the big, jolly man and his sleigh.  We are all feeling cheerful, festive, and excited!  Except if we aren’t…

Wait, what is that you say?  It’s Christmastime!  We are supposed to be filled with the joy & love of the season!  We are expected to be happy, happy, happy!  But what if that isn’t always the case?

The fact is that the holidays are not easy for some people. There…

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