Weekly Photo Challenge – Life Imitates Art

Chances are if you have visited this blog in the past you know that one of my favorite places to photograph is Brookgreen Gardens, a fantastic sculpture garden located in coastal South Carolina.  You can find tons of pictures of the gorgeous gardens here and here.

For this week’s theme I dug through my archives to find these photos from a  trip to the gardens in March of 2012.  It was the early days of spring, the weather was getting warmer, the flowers were beginning to bloom, and I was a bit giddy with spring fever.  The end result was a wonderful day full of sightseeing and silliness, and of course, a dose of life imitating art.

Look dear, do you see that foolish woman posing like the huntress?

Look dear, do you see that foolish woman posing like the huntress?

Happily minding their own business...

Happily minding their own business…

...until this silly lady crashes the party...

…until this silly lady crashes the party…

(I think I need a do-over on this one as my form could be better.)

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All photographs copyright @Karen B. Pearce and Fill Your Own Glass

Weekly Photo Challenge- Optimistic


From this angle it’s hard to imagine things could be anything but right with the world.  If only for a little while, you can forget your worries and visualize the endless opportunities that await you…

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WPC- Circle

This week’s photo challenges asks for our interpretation on the Circle theme.  I have chosen to share these photos of a gorgeous sunset that I captured during a visit to Aruba last month.  I love the pure circle of the sun descending, as well as the idea that the same sun will ascend again tomorrow and the next tomorrow in an unending circle.

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Weekly Photo Challenge- From Every Angle

When I read that this week’s photo challenge asks us to photograph our subject “from every angle” I knew without hesitation that I had to use the Freedom Tower (or One World Trade Center) as my centerpiece.  New York is my favorite city, and the Freedom Tower is my all-time favorite building.  It is one of few structures that evokes a physical reaction in me and causes my heart to swell with emotion and pride.   I could sit and stare at it, awestruck, for days.  To me it is the ultimate representation of rebirth, resilience, and of course, freedom.  We were lucky to be in NYC on November 3, 2014, the day the Freedom Tower officially opened and welcomed its first new tenants.  Here are the photographs I took over the course of two days.  (If only I had done a helicopter tour so I could have truly captured its majesty from every angle!)

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All photographs copyright @ Karen B. Pearce

Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy?

I have a great affection for cemeteries.  I find them to be beautiful, soulful places where I can get lost in peaceful reflection.  I can spend hour upon hour exploring and discovering stories left untold.  Yet I know that to some people cemeteries can be unnerving, and perhaps even a bit creepy.   I hope you enjoy my take on this week’s photo challenge!

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All photos taken at Trinity Church, New York City, 2014
Copyright @ Karen Pearce