Southern Style Springtime

Here on the coast of South Carolina we are shaking off our version of winter, popping our allergy medication to fend off the pollen onslaught, donning our flip-flops, and heading outdoors to welcome spring with open arms.  With the sun shining and temperatures in the mid-70s my husband and I decided on lunch outside overlooking the marsh and a visit to Brookgreen Gardens.

If you ever make it to the Murrells Inlet area be sure to put this wonderful, unique place on your “must-see” list.  You will find acres of stunning gardens interspersed with sculptures and live oaks dripping with Spanish moss.  They also offer a small zoo, boat rides along the historic rice fields, and special events throughout the year.

This is the perfect time of year to catch the azaleas in their full blooming glory.  (If you are watching the Masters this weekend you can see them along the golf course.)  Other flowers emerging from their winter slumber include the poppies and the rhododendron.

I hope you enjoy this virtual tour through the gardens.  I took over 180 shots, and it is difficult to narrow down which ones to include.  Happy springtime from our sweet southern shores!



34 thoughts on “Southern Style Springtime

    • It was a picture perfect day! We do not have a long spring here. It lasts for about a month, and then we go straight to hot, hotter, and hottest. From mid-May through September it is oppressively hot and humid here. While I’m suffering you will hopefully be enjoying warm breezes and an extended springtime!


  1. O M G! What gorgeous sights! I’m so so jealous! I just can’t wait to see stuff like this up here! And you’re right…how could you decide with shots like this!? You did a fantastic job! My personal favourite is the one with the gate! That’s a perfect spring shot! Lucky girl, you are, to have had an outing like this already! I’m putting this place on the bucket list too!


    • I was incredibly jealous of all of the winter wonderland photos all of you posted for several months!

      I love the one with the gate, too, and the ones of the oak trees draped in moss. It is such a beautiful and serene place. In December they host Nights of a Thousand Candles, and there are literally thousands of lights and candles placed all throughout the gardens. They have live carols, too. It is awesome!


  2. How cool, love that Walt Whitman monument (I suppose it’d be called?)! I live in SC as well and was just bemoaning the 92 degrees it got up to on my car thermometer today. Whew! Such a beautiful time of year though.

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    • It is always at least ten degrees hotter inland and upstate! I have lived in SC for over 25 years, and I have yet to adapt to the summers with the sweltering heat and humidity. I prefer the fall and winter for sure! But it is nice to enjoy our few weeks of spring!

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      • We live south of Charlotte, yuck. I’ve been here almost my entire life, but would love to move above Charlotte where it’d be a little less humid.

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  3. Absolutely beautiful! Those photos were wonderful Karen. I loved all of the flowers, but my favourite photo was the last one of the tree. Stunning. We have actually got a bit of decent weather here at the moment as well, Spring is definitely coming! 🙂


  4. Murrell’s Inlet! I haven’t been since I was a teenager. We used to head your way every spring for a family vacation and we’d drive there to get fresh seafood!

    Thank you for sharing your photos – it was a great trip down memory lane for me. 🙂

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    • Oh wow, that is so cool! Sadly if you can believe it, I do not eat seafood. I think it’s a texture thing for me? And here I am in the seafood capital of SC! We do visit the local restaurants in the Inlet so my husband can get his fix, though. 🙂

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  6. Today I am paying for spending the day outside yesterday, but it was worth it. Now I am dosed up with Claritin and will spend the weekend watching the Masters. The azaleas don’t look quite as good on TV, but it’ll have to do!


  7. Beautiful, love the flowers, but the picture that had me, is no 13 the old tree with, what, moss hanging from it? Loved the last one with the tree too… But no 13.. I had to go back to it 😉


  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!! What a great place to walk around! So peaceful looking and beauty everywhere! Nice job capturing the beauty and thank you for sharing with us!
    I didn’t realize how much I like the strength and craziness of oak trees till I moved to Sonoma…they are everywhere and have really become one of my favorite trees to see! Love your photo of the big oak tree! 🙂

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