This Is Not Goodbye

When I started this blog eighteen months ago I also began following a blogger who quickly became one of my favorites.  He wrote insightful, eloquent pieces that conveyed messages that have stayed with me.  He opened my mind to new viewpoints and invited me to question how I interact with people.

I was more than a little surprised when he decided to step away from his blog six months later.  As a new blogger I could not understand why a popular blogger with thousands of followers would (gasp!) stop blogging.  He was confident, though, that the time had come.  He felt as if he was on the verge of something, even if he could not yet articulate what it was.

I wished him well, told him I was thankful that our paths had crossed, and applauded him for knowing when to move on.  He told me that he felt I would know, too, when it would be my turn to move on.  I believe he foresaw this moment long before I could even imagine it.

I understand now his inkling of being “on the verge”.  I have been feeling for the past several weeks that this life, already a good, good life, is about to become amazing.  I have no idea what is coming, or where it is coming from, but I am ready to receive it with arms wide open.

I have renewed my dedication to making my body and my soul as healthy as possible through exercise, healthy eating, and positive interactions.  This feels like an essential piece of whatever this new journey may be.  I am also forcing my introverted self out the door and into face-to-face connections. I find myself overwhelmed with the need to be out in the world, to be of it, searching for signs of what is to come next.  All of which is leading to less time spent online.

While this is not a goodbye, I do feel the need to share with you the reasons for my periods of absence and the infrequency of my postings.  I owe you all that for the simple fact that you have taken time in your life to be a part of mine.  Believe me when I tell you that your presence here has made a lasting impact on my life.  It is due in no small part to your support and encouragement that I have the courage to take these next steps.

I have no idea how long my blogging hiatus will last.  I may feel compelled to write a post tomorrow, next week, or next month.  I do know that I will continue to write, be it here or elsewhere.  This blogging experience has reminded me that I need to write much as I need to breathe (a feeling I am sure many of you share).  I intend to take the plunge and start submitting pieces for possible publication.  Again, I would not have contemplated such a step without the feedback I have received here.

I follow over 400 blogs here on WordPress and other sites.  I will continue to be here, reading and commenting on your posts.  You are all an essential part of my journey.  I thank you for simply being a part of my life and for choosing to spend even one minute of your time here.  I have been blessed to make the most amazing connections and friendships through this blog.  I hope that you will stick around!

Wherever you go, whatever path you choose to walk, please remember to walk it with love and kindness in your heart.  Be amazed, look for the magic, wonder at the miracles, and opt for happiness.  Above all, be grateful, always and in all ways.  Cheers! Karen

26 thoughts on “This Is Not Goodbye

  1. Good luck, Karen! I know that the path ahead is waiting for you and it will involve kindness; it will involve miracles; it will involve sending more Light into the world. It will involve you being in the world, as a positive force, and then writing about it!

    Love and blessings,


  2. I wish you the best in wherever this new path takes you. Sometimes it’s good to step away for a bit. Thank you for letting us know instead of just vanishing one day. That always raises an alarm for concern, so thank you.


  3. I think blog hiatuses can be a wonderful thing for the soul! Thank you for writing and keeping us up to date. Enjoy yourself 🙂

    Love, Lor


  4. Understand this post completely since I’ve found myself with similar feelings a few months ago and for similar reasons… a focus on health and a more serious effort into my writing. The blog will be there 🙂


  5. Well…

    this is sad! For me.

    But how exciting for you, Karen. Congratulations on making the decision. Best of success with your submissions and getting published. And your health journey! Enjoy every moment of the process. And please let us know how it’s going.

    Glad I found your blog.



  6. I’m kind of feeling disenchanted these days, too. My issue, though, is that I can’t tell if I’m disenchanted because I’m too busy or because I’m actually disinterested. I don’t want to do anything too drastic–like step away entirely–until I know, and in fact I’m taking on a monthlong challenge in the mean time. I think the summer will give me time to evaluate.


  7. Best of luck to you Karen. I will miss your voice but hope I will have the chance to hear/read it again – if not here then in another arena. You were one of the first connections I made as a blogger and I am better off for it.


  8. Karen, thank you for being so open. I too have struggled with ‘when to let go’. But, unlike you and your blogging inspiration guy (how to describe? but you know who I mean) I actually have very few (but very wonderful) followers. I love them all, but think it might be a good time soon to move on as well. Life is out there! Best wishes, and thank you again.


  9. I wish you all the best with whatever you do Karen. I do know that whatever it may be, you will make a success of it.
    Thank you for being there at the start of my journey too, and I am always still here for yours 🙂


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