Sunday Smiles – Connections

There are days when the internet makes me twitchy.  I log on to Facebook to be met head on with a barrage of negativity.  This candidate is a hate monger.  That candidate is a criminal.  I see “friends” tearing one another apart with snide comments, all because they sit on different sides of the political fence.  I read post after post disparaging this group or that, this thing or that.  Cops suck, the weather sucks, the traffic sucks, this restaurant sucks, work sucks…everything just sucks.

I “unfollow” a few political pages (I could have sworn I had removed them all).  I hit the “hide post” option multiple times as I scroll through my newsfeed.  I am almost thankful to come across a few cute cat memes.  I “like” a picture of an idyllic beach in Aruba.

I scroll a bit further, sigh a discouraged sigh, and prepare to log off.  But wait, what’s this?  Could it be?  An uplifting post?  Yes!  I click happily on a story about a former classmate’s 11-year-old son reporting on the NCAA Tournament for Sports Illustrated Kids.  I read with delight about one of the coaches taking the time to applaud this young man for his thoughtful question.  (You can view more about this here.)

Feeling hopeful, I read some other posts.  Oh look, a friend received good news on a medical issue.  Another friend just finished her first half marathon.  Yet another is celebrating buying a new home.  Yay! Here it is!  The good stuff!

Now it comes back to me, and I remember why I still log on to Facebook every day.  I do it not to learn the political leanings of friends and family.  I do it so that I can hear the news of their lives.  I continue to scroll and read in order to tie the past in with the present.  I put up with the negative aspects to reap the benefits of the positive ones.

I return again and again because of the connections.  We can cross the miles, cross the years, and cross the distance to come together as if we had never been apart.  We can share in each others’ victories and console one another during trying times.  We can use words to convey emotions from afar, as sure as the touch of a comforting hand on a shoulder.

Yes, it is the connections that I crave and that I seek.   It is the connections that lead me back to this blog after a writing sabbatical.  It is the connections that sustain our souls the way that food sustains our bodies.  It is the connections that bond us together as humans, in friendship and in love.

Thank you for being one of my connections.  Cheers! Karen

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Smiles – Connections

  1. It’s hard not to be discouraged by all that you read, especially in this political season. That’s why I stopped turning g on the tv in the morning. I do t want to start my day with all that negativity and sad stories. I’m not ignoring the obvious, I just choose to read or watch on my terms and look for the more positive stories out there..:)

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      • I’m so glad you found some good news to lift your day!
        I’m happy enough with blogging, and have no wish to sign up for facebook or twitter. Most of my family are connected that way, but as they couldn’t be bothered with me before hand, why should social media make them any different towards me now. Snail mail and email, yep. I can handle both of those, and that old fashioned thing they call a telephone. 😀


      • I need to do better about calling people to catch up and stay in touch. I admit I often send a text or a private Facebook message instead, because I don’t really like talking on the phone. I am an introvert, but I have been trying to get out and meet up with people for more actual face-to-face time, too!

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  2. YES! I could not agree more. Sometimes I hate how much I use the hide and unfollow functions. If I wanted more negativity, it’s certainly not hard to find!

    I try to remember that in my own posts. Am I balancing the good with the bad? Is this something that will just bring people down? Facebook can be great, but sometimes I have to ignore the whole thing.



    • I am guilty of it from time to time on Facebook. If I do post a rant I try to keep it unspecific, if that makes sense. I used to post when I was feeling hurt or neglected by people, but I realized it was a downer and pretty much whiny. I try my best to post motivational, fun things now.

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  3. I don’t mind a good rant or reading about how things suck, but I do tire of too much of it. Fortunately most people aren’t always in a negative state, phew! Politics are madness right now, so I like to focus on the other things about my online friends, like how they garden or bake or quilt, how they volunteer or rescue animals — you know, the non-political parts that are always there when the madness finally ends! 😛

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    • I suppose if it was all negative I’d need to re-evaluate my friendships, huh? The election is making is so much worse. I just hope all of my friends are still on speaking terms when it’s over! I went off-track from the original intention of the post. I will blame it on not having written for several weeks, leaving me rusty and dusty. 😉 Or I’ll blame it on the blanket of pollen covering everything around her, including my brain!

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  4. This probably is an old post to comment on now (being an irregular blogger who keeps zoning in and out of the blogosphere, today I happened to come across a comment of yours on one of my entries from a couple of years ago and I thought I’d come say hi!) but you described PERFECTLY why I still have my Facebook account. Some days when I open my account, all the negativity reminds me why I logged out in the first place but I keep going back to it and the contents of your post is why.

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  5. This is a very timely article Karen. It is those connections that had me drop by your blog right now to see how you are doing and also to see if there are any new posts.

    Yeah, sometimes on Facebook it does take a lot of scrolling to find the good stuff. I have been off of Facebook at least 3 times for a break, and it is very nice to be away from the negativity.

    I tend to “like” and comment on only the positive posts. Since Facebook uses likes and comments for how big of an audience reach, it is my little way to “try” to keep the feeds of others positive.

    And Karen, since I have stopped by here to connect, I sincerely hope you are doing well. Always appreciate your positive thought provoking posts.

    Have a GREAT day! 🙂


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    • Hi Carl! I’m happy to hear from you! Sadly, I have left my blog in a neglected state. I’ve only just recently felt compelled to write again, so maybe some new material will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I am filling up Facebook with pictures of our two adorable new kittens! 🐱

      I do miss the friendships I have made here. I hope all is well on your end! Thank you for leaving this message- I find signs in everything! Take care, Karen 😊

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