The Joy of Outside

After the recent flooding event in South Carolina we are happy to have been graced with dry, sunny days for the past week.  Here along the coast we do not see much of the autumnal change of colors, but we do enjoy some refreshingly cool days in October.  It brings a welcome change from the sticky heat and humidity of summer.  These are the days that make you want to be outdoors, and when the sun came out last Sunday that is just where we headed.  We opted to spend the day at Brookgreen Gardens.

I introduced you to Brookgreen Gardens last spring in this post.  While the colors are not as vibrant in the fall as they are in the spring when the gardens are in full bloom there are still pops of color to be found.

There was lingering evidence of the floods as one side of the property is bordered by the Waccamaw River.  The nature trail that runs along the river was covered in water.  The steps leading down to the trail appeared to lead straight into the water.  (I would not recommend taking those steps unless you fancy a close encounter with a snake or an alligator.)

We did venture down near the nature trail to capture this gorgeous guy:

We were able to get close to some more inviting critters…

Oh, and I wasn’t kidding about the alligators…

Overall it was a wonderful day to be enveloped by the joy of being outside, breathing in the cooler air, feeling the hint of a crisp breeze, and seeing blue skies free of ominous rain clouds!

I hope you enjoy the photos, and I hope you are outside finding your own joy this fall!  Cheers!  Karen

All photos copyright @Karen B. Pearce 2015

59 thoughts on “The Joy of Outside

  1. This is one of many things we enjoy about our life here on the marina……….. we are out in the fresh air most of the time and can enjoy nature close up. When I cam back from walking the dog this morning, a lone swan was gracefully gliding past our mooring, seemingly completely oblivious to any human presence, but you can bet your boots he knew We were around!

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    • If you play golf around here you are bound to cross paths with a gator or two now and again out on one of the courses. You learn that maybe you can drop a stroke for safety’s sake. 😉

      Yes, many are still displaced from their homes. It’s not quite on the scale of what happened to NY and NJ from Sandy, but it’s pretty overwhelming.

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  2. I’m glad you’re doing well and the weather has improved! What lovely gardens and photos here!!! And oh, indeed those are alligators!! Hope you had a super weekend and all the best from chilly NYC !

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    • Thanks, Lia! I was actually envious watching the Mets game last night and seeing everyone bundled up! We hit the upper 40s this morning, but we are headed back into the upper 70s for the rest of the week. It can easily vary by 30 degrees in a day here. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!!

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      • My sister was at that Mets game the other night and she said it was sooo chilly but worth it! It was a great game:))) Sending you all my best for lovely weather!

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  3. Karen, I am so glad you are all OK and the weather is drying out. Being outdoors is so special, even if it’s just in our own backyards! Your galleries of photos are amazing and to see the effects of the flooding is eye-opening! Thanks for taking the time to post this on the Leisure Link!!

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  4. WOW, Karen, this is really incredible. I have never seen an alligator in my life (I guess they are not endowed with a coat of fur to deal with the snow up in Canada..haha). But I am totally captivated. The nature trail picture really shows how much flooding there was, even with the waters receding from some drier weather.
    Wonderful pictures. Am curious what the bird is by the edge of the water, and the 2 critters resting on the driftwood log!
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  6. I am happy that things are getting back to normal in the Carolinas. Being inn the midst of the pending hurricane and the torrential flooding in October brought it close to home. But your photos and the gardens are amazing and reminded us of the gardens we visited while there. thanks…Clare

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