Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy?

I have a great affection for cemeteries.  I find them to be beautiful, soulful places where I can get lost in peaceful reflection.  I can spend hour upon hour exploring and discovering stories left untold.  Yet I know that to some people cemeteries can be unnerving, and perhaps even a bit creepy.   I hope you enjoy my take on this week’s photo challenge!

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All photos taken at Trinity Church, New York City, 2014
Copyright @ Karen Pearce


33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy?

  1. Many communities have turned large, rambling sections of cemeteries (typically ones that are “full”) into a sort of open public park, complete with shaded groves, benches, fountains, and well-maintained pathways. Also, mausoleums are often beautiful works of architecture that reflect personal style and evoke particular eras or themes. All great photo fodder!

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  3. Like so many of the others who commented, I love to spend time in cemeteries. It’s heartening to see I’m not alone.

    What you’ve shown here is technically a churchyard. In Minnesota, we don’t have many, and when we do, they are not so dense with stones. Here we have mostly graveyards which are separated from their churches, sometimes by miles. I got to visit my first churchyard when I vacationed in North Carolina last year. It was absolutely beautiful … and of course the graves were much older than any in the upper Midwest.


    • Great point- I would not have thought to make the clarification on the churchyard vs the graveyard. I would think the cemeteries in Minnesota would look incredibly beautiful in the wintertime after a fresh snowfall. I’d love to see that…


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